Latacha Ramos Single Parent Scholarship Success Story

My name is Latacha Ramos and I am one of the recipients of the Central Arkansas Development Council’s Single Parent Scholarship. Being a single mother of two girls, Mya is 14 years old and Claire is 5 years old, is a great privilege but I found myself struggling to pay the bills and give them the things that every parent wants their child to have. I knew that the only way I would ever be able to better my life and the lives of my girls was to go back to school and earn my degree.

When I made the decision to go back to school I knew that my family was going to have to make some sacrifices. Because of my school schedule I haven’t been able to attend all my girls’ activities and the financial strain had only worsened. I was trying to figure out how I was going to be able to continue my education and make ends meet. Then I remembered seeing something about the Single Parent Scholarship in the registration packet of my daughter’s Head Start program. I thought that this could be the answer to my prayers.

I stopped in the office and after speaking with Garry I was so relieved to hear about the opportunities that are offered. Because of this program I’ve been able to stay in school and I am one step closer to giving my girls the life that they deserve. I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting and Finance this spring. I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have been able to say that if it weren’t for this scholarship program. This program has been a helpful stepping stone for me to continue my education. I am so grateful for all the donations that make this possible for me and so many others. I appreciate the opportunity to share a little bit of my story and about how the generous donations to this fund have been such a blessing for my family.

Sincerely, Latacha Ramos