Head Start Success Story

We would like to share a great article from the Centerpoint School District about Karlie Reid.

Karlie Reid is a former CADC Glenwood Head Start student and the daughter of former CADC Glenwood Head Start parent, Kristy Wolfe, who eventually became a teacher in our program.
Kristy, worked at Sonic as a car hop and attended college part-time while Karlie attended CADC Glenwood Head Start for two years.
Kristy was a Single Parent Scholarship recipient and also took part in the IDA program while she was a Head Start Parent.
Kristy ended up obtaining her Bachelors Degree in Education, and became a lead teacher at the CADC Kirby Head Start. Today Kristy works as an elementary teacher for the Centerpoint School District.
We are very proud of both Karlie and Kristy !