What is CADC and what do you do?

CADC is a publicly and privately funded, non-profit community action agency that helps to alleviate poverty in the Central, Southern and Southwestern Counties in Arkansas. We were created when President Johnson initiated the war on poverty in 1964. In our 19 county area we offer services such as LIHEAP-Utility Assistance, Public and Medicaid Transportation, and Weatherization, as well as many others. Please visit our services page to get a description of all our services that we offer.

I need help or I know someone who does. What do I do?

The first thing to do is to contact us at any of our county offices. Finding out what your or others’ needs are will determine the next steps. You can call, email or stop by any of our offices during working hours to seek answers to your questions.

How do I find out if I qualify for services?

There are many factors which determine your eligibility for services from us, the most widely used measure being your amount of income and the size of your household. We cannot over emphasize the importance of contacting us directly as eligibility factors can differ between services and they can change from time to time as well. Even if we determine that we are unable to qualify you for services from us, we can often direct you to a resource that can.

What is your service area and where are your offices?

We service a 19 county region in Central, South and South West Arkansas. Our counties include Calhoun, Clark, Columbia, Dallas, Hempstead, Hot Spring, Howard, Little River, Lonoke, Lafayette, Miller, Montgomery, Nevada, Pike, Pulaski, Ouachita, Saline, Sevier and Union. To find the CADC office nearest you, please visit our offices page.

I would like to help CADC improve the lives of our neighbors. What can I do?

We would be glad to hear from you. We offer many opportunities to volunteer, ranging from working with children to delivering meals to the elderly. Please visit our donation page. Any contribution you make will provide tangible results in improving the lives of the people in your community. All contributions are tax deductible as well. You can also get involved in helping your community through the Community Participation program. Check the services page to find out more.

Do you accept walk-ins or do I need an appointment?

CADC accepts both walk-ins and appointments. We do encourage you to call ahead to verify that funds are available and so we may direct you to the office best suited to your needs.