Central Arkansas Development Council

Building futures through community action

E.D. Statement

Larry CogburnA Statement from the Executive Director

For 50 years, CADC has delivered the promise of community action – changing people’s lives, embodying the spirit of hope, improving communities and making America a better place to live.

At CADC, our role is to develop and deliver the programs and services that can meet the needs of hard-working low income families and rural communities. It’s our mission and purpose to encourage and empower each person to take action, identify problems, create solutions, and generate results in the war on poverty.

CADC believes that to have a significant impact on poverty, we must continue to expand educational opportunities; develop and deliver the best support for the advancement of our elderly and our youth, advocate for change with our public officials, and educate our stakeholders about the needs of our hard-working neighbors and friends. We believe in the value of cultivating partnerships for long-term impact and maximizing the use of volunteers in meaningful efforts to assist the low income.

CADC is committed to making a brighter future for Arkansas. Join us in our effort.

Larry Cogburn Executive Director


Annette PateA Statement from the Board Chair

CADC strives for excellence in the achievement of its mission through the maximum feasible participation of all persons served by the agency. The CADC Board of Directors meets that goal through the involvement of board members representing the low-income, through participation from public officials, and from the input of local community and business leaders.

The CADC Board of Directors works to ensure CADC takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to the delivery of social service programming in the 12-county service area. Through the help of dedicated staff and volunteers, and strong fiscal management, CADC is a leader in the state in fighting and winning the War on Poverty in Arkansas.

Thank you for your support. Together we can continue to deliver and develop quality programs and services.

Annette Pate Board Chair